May 4, 2022

It’s no longer news of the rampant and incissent killings going on in the northern part of this country. So to address the prevailing situation, The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) said local, and national stakeholders would need to be willing to try new approaches to curtailing insecurity, stressing that the kinetic approaches favoured by the federal government may remain a mirage.“Peace building interventions are urgently needed in most if not all geopolitical zones to improve community cohesion in conflict-affected areas,” the report stated. The body also called for further research to strengthen understanding of situation in the country, noting that arms flow throughout Nigeria remains imprecise and would benefit from more refined, local-level analysis and mapping of sources, destinations, and routes.“Similarly, the relationship between narcotics production, consumption, and trafficking on the one hand and insecurity on the other remains largely subject to speculation. While militants are known to consume drugs (bandits, for example, consume notable quantities of Indian hemp and tramadol) it is worth interrogating whether production centres have also emerged within the country and whether bandits or other militants profit off the trans-shipment of narcotics through the country.” But in all of these it’s needful that the government look into this and sort it out so that the lives of the people would be preserved.