Music veteran, Bankole Wellington more known as Banky W who recently joined the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from the Modern Democratic Party has been trending for the past few days and the reason is not far-fetched.

THE VENT REPUBLIC reports that the “Lagos Party” singer was adjudged to have won the PDP ticket to represent the Eti-Osa constituency in the House of Representatives with a video making the rounds on social media showing him being announced the winner.

But in another twist, a new result sheet being bandied online shows that he lost the primaries to Aiboni Sam, eliciting controversies in the media space.

In an exclusive chat with Daily Trust, Kehinde Salami, an aide of the singer said the result sheets making the rounds online should be discountenanced as it is fake and a maneuver from his opponent. He added that PDP leaders are intervening and waded into the matter to avert a crisis.

In the words of Salami: “Please this result is false. We have spoken to almost all the leaders in the PDP. They are all working on it and have asked Banky to remain calm and allow them to sort it out. It appears that Sam allegedly was able to maneuver to get a result sheet in his favor, for an election that BANKY WELLINGTON WON.”

Salami affirmed that the election was witnessed by INEC personnel, party chieftains, and security operatives.

“It was witnessed by everyone; in attendance was an official from INEC; DSS; Former Deputy Governor of Lagos, Mama Bucknor; National Delegate, Captain Shelle; LGA Chairman, Yusuf Arubiewe; the LGA Secretariat; and the entire principal and ad-hoc delegates from all of our wards.

“In the meantime, we must get every single PDP member and delegate in Eti-Osa and Lagos state to speak up for the truth and justice… and for the mandate that is trying to be stolen from them. This must not stand.

“This is the day of reckoning for the National and state leadership. Gone are the days when someone can ignore the will and desires of the people to impose a candidate on them. It is unfair and wicked. The people of Eti-Osa must speak up now, everywhere. Online on social media, on every WhatsApp forum, on every possible phone call,” he said.

“The leadership of the PDP must hearken to the voice of the people. It is our mandate and no one can steal it from us. SPEAK UP, EVERYONE. STAND UP EVERYWHERE. PUSH BACK. WE WILL WIN IF WE FIGHT THIS TOGETHER,” he said.