They Attempted To Kill Me Over Baba Ijesha’-Princess Speaks On Threats To Murder Her Over Baba IJesa Rape Saga

Baba Ijesha had been sentenced to jail on Thursday over the sexual assault of a minor.Princess, whose foster child was the victim in the case, took to her Instagram page on Thursday to celebrate the verdict.Dressed in a white garment and singing along to a worship song, the actress praised God on a street.
“God is not man”.

However,comedienne, Princess, disclosed that she almost got killed by speaking up about the sexual assault of her underage foster daughter by actor, Olanrewaju James aka Baba Ijesha.
This she made known during her interview with Chude Jideonwo in his #WithChude Show which was published on Thursday .

Princess said, “Now I don’t but the first two to three weeks, I did. I had a bounty put on my head, they tried to kill me. I found out that some persons I respected were they ones pushing him.”This was uttered by her while responding to the question of whether she regretted ever voicing out about the matter.
When asked about her thought about how the case ended up in the court she said, “You are seeing him everyday trying to apologise and then after a month, he’s just like … That’s the attitude that got us to where we are in Nigeria today. We went from being good to bad to sinister. It became an attitude of ‘Shebi, I have begged her?’

“…This truth must be told and you now see people you have idolised for years, that you respected, now open their mouth to justify it. It’s sickening.”

Credit: Instagram| chudeity

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