Popular song/writer of soul lifting worship named Osinachukwu Nwachukwu has Gone to rest with Lord on the 8th of April 2022.

Osinachukwu,got into the limelight when she released her most soul lifting worship ft Prospa Ochima titled “Ekwueme”which is highly rated and greatly listen to amongst many Christains.

Although the cause of her death is yet to be revealed by the deceased family, but some of her fans have been speculating that she died due to an abusive marriage.

The VENT REPUBLIC has dug up a tweet from a source who claims to be her very close friend.
She said in her tweet;

Many of her fans has been retweeting that she died in an marital abuse where her had husband hit her repeatedly which had eventually led to death.

However, the deceased family has neither backed up this claim or debunk it either which had made all these speculations gain ground on all social media platforms.

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