Old Maps Reveal Biafra Ancestral Land Only Existed in Cameroon, Gabon Not Nigeria

Biafra Flag

An old map have revealed that the present day proposed republic of Biafra was in parts of Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

Just as the boundary, the name ‘Biafra’ itself right from its Portuguese origins, through colonization to Ojukwu’s, Uwazuruike’s and the slippery Nnamdi Kanu’s era has no known ancestralal basis and linkages in present-day Nigeria’s Igboland.

Biafra - Portugese Map
‘Biafra’ was named after Mafra in Portugal by the Portuguese. It extended from mid-Cameroon to Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. Nigeria’s South South and South East was called “Benin” and was never part of ‘Biafra‘.

This as raised a serious question “Why Fight for a Country That Doesn’t Exist”?

Biafra - Mafra Map Portugal
Mafra in Portugal

According to the Portuguese, the present-day Igboland was a Benin territory, or a vassal state of the Kingdom. The real ‘Biafra’, being in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon indicated a massive Igbo migration in earlier centuries that limited the Benin Kingdom to the swampy and less agriculturally viable parts of the Kingdom.

Biafra - J Blaeu's Map
A 1644 W. J Blaeu’s Map puts ‘Biafra’ clearly in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Sai Tome and Principe.

From these maps, the Biafra agitators should relocate back to their ancestral lands in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, and any claims to ‘Biafra’ and its independence should also start from from those lost territories.

Biafra - A 1710 Hermann Moll Map of 'Biafra'
A 1710 Hermann Moll Map of ‘Biafra’ (Cameroon’s original name), and Benin (present-day Igboland’s name).
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