Kidnappers threaten to murder 17 University students after ransom payment

Sad parents of the 17 students kidnapped from Greenfield University, Kaduna State have appealed to the kidnappers not to murder the 17 students in their custody after raised and paid 55 million naira ransom to them.

The abductors on Monday had threatened to kill all of them if 100 million naira wasn’t raised. They claimed that the 55 million naira given to them had been used to feed them.

Twenty two students from the university and the matron of the female hostel located in Kasarami Chikun Local Government Area on the Kaduna-Abuja Expressway were abducted on April 20 from their school. Three of the students were killed on April 23 and their corpses dumped near the school premises. Two more were murdered on April 26 which has sent shivers down the spines of the parents of the remaining ones and Nigerians alike.

The abductees left are two males and fifteen females.

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