Is That Man Really Serious About You? – Signs he might just be the one for you.

You have just met a new man and he is so kind and generous. You’re already having a feeling he could be “the one”. But how can you really be sure you’ve found that special person? As it seems as if men are saying one thing and acting another lately.

In my short time on earth, I’ve come to realize that we all seek companionship. Just because you feel butterflies in your stomach around him doesn’t mean you’ve found Mr Right. With any new potential, you should keep an eye on whether or not you truly suit each other, so it doesn’t seem like you both wasted time together; but then, “no time is wasted, as long as one is happy”. Below are signs that young man is serious about you.

If your major life goals match each other: Do you both talk about life changing goals like having kids, relocating to another country, adopting a child? and it seems like you both agree on a lot of them? Then that’s a “Go” sign!

Sense of humour: Do you find it easy to make each other laugh? Life is already tough enough, you should be eachother’s “happy place”

Healthy Communication: Do you communicate well? I do not mean the regular Heys and His. How well do you communicate particularly when you’re in conflict? A good man wouldn’t raise his voice or hand at you all in the name of communication. He should correct with love at all times.

Love-making preference: Never belittle how important sex is in a relationship. Do you share similar tastes in bed? Does he please you well? Little things like this are what causes cheating. Talk to him about how you want to be pleased. A good man will always want to please his woman in bed.

Emotional Styles: How well does he handle your tears and tantrums. A good man will not think you’re being overly dramatic or oversensitive. He will comfort you and try to lift your mood.

Attitude To Money: Money is good, but it is the root of all evil. Do you agree on when to save, when to spend and what to buy? If one is thrifty and the other is a lavish spender, there might be a problem. It is advisable to agree on how money is managed or spent.

Respect: Does he respect you? Your family? Your ideas? Your opinions? Does he place you in high esteem and never tries to brush your opinions or see them as foolish? A good man would understand that you have ideas of your own and he would respect them.

At this point, I have to say that it is important to note that it is impossible for you to be matched in all categories, similarly, do not rush to dump him at the first sign of problems. It could sometimes just be a phase that will pass with time.

For a relationship to flourish, time and efforts are vital ingredients.


Adeniyi Favour Anthonia.


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