By Sunday Awosoro.

The entire student population has been made to know of the absence of the Students Affairs Division of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti, in a N3.7 Million scandal of its Students Union Government.

This clarification was announced in a press release by the Senate Council after a resolution has been made by the Investigative Panel and the Students’ Representative Council of FUOYE over the alleged funds’ mismanagement. The statement reads:

“The council informs the general populace that the student’s affairs division, other former acting executives, former SRC Principal officers are not an accomplice to the mismanagement and therefore be exonerated from the mismanagement.”

The Vent Republic recalls that there have been several sitting over this issue, since the allegation on the 11th of April, 2021.

Read the full investigation by the Union of Campus Journalists, FUOYE through this link: https://ucjfuoye.com.ng/investigation-n3-7-million-stirs-up-disquiet-in-fuoye/

The press release has stated the stand of the Investigation Panel towards the accused.

“In accordance to the investigative report and recommendation of the panel the senate council has decided the following:

“Comr. Adekola Francis Refunds the sum of N2,434,189 into the union’s account while Comr. Adebowale Daniel should refund the sum of N80,000 to the union’s account,” it said.

The statement also warned of a strict penalty if they fail to comply with the instructions given.

“Their school portal will be shut and denied participation in all students activities with an ultimatum of 2 weeks and after which handed over to the law enforcement agency while Comr. Adebowale Daniel’s transcript shall not be released until the money is refunded,” it forewarned.

The press release has pronounced the former acting President of the Students Union Government, Comr. Adekola Francis, his executives, and former members of the House, indicted in the fund mishandling.

However, the Senate President, Adebisi Segun’s allegations have been cleared.

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