Former Presidential Aide cautions Buhari on London Medical Trip

Ex Presidential Aide Reno Omokri has cautioned President Muhammadu Buhari to return to the country before July 10.

According to the outspoken critic of the Buhari administration, he said it is high time the government provided healthcare facilities for Nigerians and if he didn’t return before July 10, he will harass him out of London.

Reno captioned his post as: Dear General Buhari,

I am putting you on notice. Your just announced planned trip to London to see your doctors next week is one trip too many. You have refused to build hospitals for Nigerians, and if by July 10, you are still in London, then prepare for the Mother of All #HarassBuhariOutofLondon.

You have had six years to develop the health sector. If you can spend $1.9 billion of Nigeria’s money to build a railway in Niger Republic, then you could have built hospitals to cater to your health and the health of Nigerians The post drew lots of reactions from fans and below are some of them.

officialdesmond22: We are here to harass him. A peaceless man like Bubu deserve no PEACE

yung_alhaji22: This goes a long way to tell us that Britain 🇬🇧 is determined to set us back in all ramifications if not why would they allow our president to come in the first place,why not ban him from coming until he fix his country not just the health sector

soniawaterz: I was waiting for your message. Fire on 🔥

el_de_yungmullar_garcia: Reno omokri : I will harrased You out of London
Muhammad Buhari : Reno Allow me to Enjoy myself
Reno : No go back home and build Good
Muhammad Buhari : person wey know person E No Dey Kill person ,Reno allow me To enjoy my self 😂

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