Woman discovers a family of eighteen snakes living under her bed

 A woman received the shock of her life when she discovered eighteen snakes living under her bed. 

Trish Wilcher was scared when she found the family of snakes, including the babes under her bed in her bedroom in Augusta, Georgia in the US. According to her, she first thought she had spotted a “piece of fuzz.”

“Look at all the baby snakes in my bedroom.,,, I am freaked out,” she said on Facebook while sharing pictures of the snake family.

Trish and her husband Max turned their bedroom “upside-down” to discover more snakes. They ended up finding 17 baby snakes and their mother

Trish said she believes that the snakes got inside her home because some land was cleared near her house and it became the home spot.

A wildlife trapper visited the home the next day and concluded there were no more serpents inside, WJBF reported.

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