Why Ladies Should Marry A Man They Love, Not A Man That Is Ready — Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri

Spokesman to former Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan has explained why ladies should marry who they really have affection for and not just who they feel is ready for marriage.

THE VENT REPUBLIC reports that Omokri, who coordinates the #FreeLeahSharibu campaign gave the admonition in his twitter post, yesterday, April 26, 2021.

He Tweeted:

“Dear women, Do not marry a man that is READY. Marry a man that you LOVE. If the man that you LOVE is not READY Then wait for him to be READY Rather than marrying a man you don’t LOVE, simply because he is READY That is a recipe for HEARTBREAK! “#FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets.”

It would be recalled that recently, Omokri had organized a protest tagged #HarrassBuhariOutOfLondon , a move he claimed would allow the President to fix the health infrastructure of the country, instead of junketing abroad for medical treatment.

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