Prince Charles and Camilla’s Alleged Love Child set to prove his Identity

An Australian man, Simon Dorante-Day is determined to prove to the world that he is the love child of Prince Charles, Heir to the English throne and Camilla Parker-Bowles.

He was adopted into a family who had ties to Queen Elizabeth and lived in Portsmouth in England as a child.

The 55 year old told 7 news that his late grandmother who once worked for the Queen used to tell him many times that Prince Charles and Camilla were his biological parents.

He is prepared to take his claims to an Australian High Court as he claims to have evidence of the closeness between Prince Charles and Camilla in 1965 when the duo were still teenagers.

He said: there are “lots of bits of evidence” that have “to go before the court”.

He said that it is “unfair” that he “constantly” has to “right” the truth, claiming Camilla, Charles and the Royal Family “know the truth.”

He said: “The documentation that I’ve got for the adoption is written in my own adopted mother’s handwriting.

“So there’s lots of bits of evidence like this… that have got to go before the court.

“It’s just unfair that I constantly have to fight this when really, they know the truth.”

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