I had a horrible experience in prison – James Brown

Self acclaimed Princess of Africa and popular cross dresser, James Brown has opened up in an interview on his harrowing experience in a Nigerian prison.

He said he had to undergo therapy before he could live a normal life once again.

He revealed that he used to wear different gender related clothes to church as he could dress effortlessly in both sexes and wasn’t ashamed of people’s opinions about him.

He shed some light on his quarrel with Bobrisky, his rival cross dresser and he said that he has decided to let sleeping dogs lie as he knows some secrets about him which will greatly hurt him if disclosed to the public.

James Brown then added that he delberately made his brand in such a way that he can switch from a male to female and female to male at any given chance to suit himself hence when it’s necessary he would just take off his wig and heels and be a man again.

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