Have Jude and Peter Okoye reconciled?

Jude and Peter Okoye

It appears the Okoye brothers have settled their long standing differences and are now following each other again on Instagram.

Recall that Jude Okoye had been on the side of Paul Okoye when the P-Square brothers fell out publicly, leaving Peter Okoye to lick his wounds all alone.

Now, Peter and Jude have followed each other again on Instagram.

This comes after Peter paid a visit to Paul Okoye’s estranged wife and children in the US.

Jude Okoye was the manager of the singing duo before Peter opted to go solo over irreconcilable differences leaving Paul who still pitched his tent with the manager fondly called Engees.

It is interesting how this whole drama is unfolding and we will keep our teeming readers up to date as to the latest concerning this hot potato.

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