May 6, 2022.

The executive secretary of Tertiary Education Trust Fund,TETFund, Arch. Sunday Echono, made this known while receiving the Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities,CVCNU,in his office. Echono said the meeting of all beneficiary institutions will be held by next week Monday to interact further and brief including some of the proposed reforms that have been approved for implementation. 

He assured the vice chancellors of the Fund’s commitment to sustain the ongoing reforms in the sector, with increased emphasis on the content of its interventions particularly in the areas of research, ICT and in the areas of encouraging a reading culture in our society through publication of books.

“We have existing partnerships, particularly the deputization of Thesis. We are confident that once this is accomplished it will not only provide open learning resources for researchers and students who want to access previous works done in their respective areas of research but also promote a culture of academic excellence.