An 82-year-old blood cancer survivor, Barb Bartolovich has died after contracting COVID-19 from a friend who hid their infection in order to attend a card game

Bartolovich from Ohio, US was vaccinated against the virus and adhered strictly to safety rules including only socialising with people who were also vaccinated, reports Daily Mail.

Her granddaughter, Lauren Nash, who revealed the cause of her death claims Bartolovich attended a card game after all invitees said they were vaccinated.

However, one attendee allegedly failed to disclose they were also sick with COVID.

“Somebody decided that testing positive for COVID is something they can hide. The only way we found out is that the person owned up after Nana got sick,” she said.

Following her grandmother’s death, Nash is begging others to be safer, especially as the Omicron variant continues to surge across the globe.

Although vaccinated, Bartolovich had a weakened immune system due to her previous battle with cancer.