BREAKING: Chief Justice Dies On Official Duty

Serving your country may be a honor but dying in the cause of serving your country of birth may be termed herioc in many quarters.

Tragedy has struck in the African country of Zambia as the nation’s number one law officer, Justice Ireen Mambilima Mambilima has died on Sunday at a private hospital in Cairo while on official duty, representing her country.

THE VENT REPUBLIC reports that the erudite Justice took ill while on duty in Egypt and was being treated at a private hospital in Cairo, the nation’s capital.

Late Ireen Mambilima

Zambia’s President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu had through the Secretary to his government cabinet, Dr. Simon Miti announced the demise of the Chief Justice.

According to Miti, she had travelled to Cairo on June 10, 2021 to represwent her country Zambia at a function, and was not feeling too well and was being treated before she sadly passed away. The immediate cause of the illness was not declared , with Miti promising to avail the nation in due course.

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