Ramon Abass, aka Hushpuppi, a well-known international fraudster, turned a new age and his friends, supporters, and well-wishers celebrated the imprisoned man on social media.

Most notable amongst the birthday wishes was that of his friend, OfficialPac who was arrested with him during the Dubai Police Raid in 2020.

OfficialPac has since been cleared of all charges and set free but he still shows loyalty to his old jailed friend, Hushpuppi.

On Hushpuppi’s 39th birthday, he took to his Instagram page to write ;

“Flying without wings”, a reality never amplified. Flying without wings, the truth about life that wasn’t mentioned to us as children. Flying without wings, a “timely” immolation by two to fetter and nurture ordinary souls into brotherhood. Flying without wings is love without restraint. Flying without wings is how we rose from the dusty streets of Ogunyomi to high path of prosperity of Versace Palazzo in Dubai. Flying without wings is what you did when you told me success is lonely at the top and that I deserve a seat there that I should come join you.