A 29-year-old Ghanaian accountant has found himself in a pool of debt after throwing a dream wedding for his wife The extravagant wedding had a budget of Ghc200,000 (KSh 3.6 million) and he had to go for a loan to cater for the expenses The young man is now devastated after he lost some funds he had set his eyes on, followed by a pay cut due to the pandemic and is requesting the public to help him fix things.

He has anonymously taken to social media to share a financial plight he finds himself in after throwing an extravagant wedding to please his bride.

In the post shared on the Twitter handle @roll_up_kofi, the anonymous man recounted his saga in detail.

Disagreements over wedding cost He said that he used to have serious arguments with his now-wife concerning the size of their wedding.

According to him, he always wanted a small cost-effective wedding but the then-fiancée called Freda wanted an extravagant dream wedding. When she stood his ground that they would have a small wedding, Freda gave him an ultimatum that he either gives her the wedding of her dreams or call it off.

Gave into her demands.

Out of the love he had for Freda, the accountant decided to go extravagant. He revealed he earns a monthly salary of Ghc2,500 (KSh 45,000) and had managed to save Ghc30,000 (KSh 546,000). According to him, he was expecting a mid-year bonus of Ghc 75,000 (KSh 1.3 million) and also intended to request an advance on his provident fund which was about Ghc40,000 (KSh 728,000). With all this money in mind, the young accountant made a budget of close to Ghc 200,000 (KSh 3.6 million) for his wife’s dream wedding.

Went for a loan As fate would have it, the money was not readily available at the time of the wedding, which made him go for a loan with the conviction that he would be receiving the expected income. The wedding was thrown at Kempinski and the bride’s dreams were fulfilled, so much that he was praised by his friends and family for going all out on the wedding.

Things went downhill The happiness was, however, short-lived as the COVID-19 pandemic struck right after the wedding and his company lost some big clients. That resulted in him forfeiting the mid-year bonus and the provident fund advance, his salary was slashed, and the wife got pregnant. The 29-year-old accountant is now swimming in debt and is reaching out to netizens to help him fix his plight.